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Sweet Painted Lady
"Sweet P"
My name is Liberty's Sweet Painted Lady, but everyone just calls me "Sweet P" for short.  I was born in Farmville, VA on Nov, 23, 2013.  Carol came to see me, my Mom and my Dad when I was still really little and picked me out from all of my sisters and brothers. She really looked hard at all of us, played with us, held us and at the end of the day she chose me!  I was so excited!  I wasn't sure what my forever home was going to be like, but I couldn't wait to find out!  Then, when I was a few weeks older, Carol and Bill came to pick me up and I was on my way.  

When I got to my forever home, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I have plenty of friends to play with and the most fun of all, I have a big yard and that yard goes all the way to the water.  I wasn't afraid and my new friends showed me how to swim and splash and have a great time. 

When I first got to my new home, Indy was my "babysitter" and "teacher" and she did a great job!  We played most of the time and when I got tired, she would let me lay with her and sometimes on her.  

Carol and Bill tell me that I am the "sweetest thing they have ever seen". I wonder if that is why they named me Sweet P?  I love to run and play, but I also love to hang out with Carol and Bill and the rest of the gang in the evenings in the family room.  I love to give kisses and in fact, I guess I could kiss everyone all day long if they let me.  I am a very quiet girl most of the time and sometimes I like to see just how quiet I can be and with a great deal of stealth, I will first put one leg up on the couch and then the other and I know that if I am just the quietest girl in the world, can get my whole body on the couch next to Carol and she won't even notice I am there...well, she might notice, but I do it in such a way that she just can't say no!  

I just love hugs!  I love to put my head in Carol or Bill's lap and just be hugged and hugged and hugged.  About 6 months after I "came home", Gypsy (one of my very best friends) had a bunch of puppies.  Carol and Bill decided to keep one of those puppies and her name is Sunny.  I knew that I was the big girl now and needed to be Sunny's "teacher" and "babysitter" and that is just what I did.  And I did a great job!  Sunny is all grown up now and we are the very best of friends.  We love to go out and play all day long and the great part is, Sunny loves to play in the river too!

Not only do I have Indy and Sunny to play with, but I have a ton of friends and I love them all!  I play with Levon (he's getting kind of old, but he is a good guy and is always kind to me), Lucy (she's kind of the Mom of the group), Gypsy (She is super smart and can catch a frisbee better than almost anybody), Sunny (She was the baby of the group until we decided that Bennie (Puppy # 2 of my babies) just couldn't leave and Dude.  Dude belongs to Jenna and Jay (Carol and Bill's daughter and Son in Law).  He is the best Frisbee catcher I have ever seen...although Gypsy is catching up!  I am a very lucky girl and I have a great home and a great life!  

I really adore Carol and Bill!  They are always so loving to me and there is nothing more important to me!  I could live without almost anything, but LOVE!  Carol and Bill tell me I am a love bug.  I just look at them and think, don't they know I am not a bug?  But, I think they must mean that I just always love to snuggle and hug and I guess that is what a "love bug" means.

Well, I finally had some babies of my own!  They were wonderful and I couldn't have been happier with this great crew!  I watched Indy have her babies and Gypsy have her babies and I wanted babies so bad!  I finally did it and now I've done it again! Carol and Bill tell me I am a GREAT mom and I gotta tell you, I don't want to leave these babies for even a second!

I am so happy, each of my babies have gone to wonderful, loving homes.  I KNOW that Carol and Bill will find great homes for my new crew!  
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