Liberty's Island Girl
Liberty's River Doodles
Hi, my name is Izzy, short for Liberty's Island Girl.  I was born on January 19, 2011.  My Mom and Dad are Lucy and Levon.  I am a multi-gen Labradoodle.  I have never lived anywhere but with Carol and Bill, Lucy, Levon and Gypsy!

I am about the happiest dog you would ever want to meet.  I love to run and play and swim and jump.  It took me a little while to grow into myself (I used to be a little clumsy), but once I did, I am told that I have a beautiful body, a great gait and Carol and Bill say I am a star! 

My Mom gave me a great start and she has always been by my side to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  My best friend though is Gypsy.  When I was very little, she became my baby sitter when Mom was busy.  She would take me outside and show me all the wonderful things in our yard.  She taught me how to swim, how to run like the wind and she taught me lots of Doodle stuff!  We play everyday.  I used to be much smaller than Gypsy, but all of a sudden, I seemed to grow like a weed and now Gypsy seems kind of small!  We love to play tug of war and even though I am bigger than Gypsy...she can still win (actually, I just let her win... shhhhhh... don't tell!) 

My coat is very curly, but not wooly at all. I have been told that my hair is a really pretty color. I don't shed and Carol and Bill tell me that is a really good thing.  We all love our home with Carol and Bill.  We get to play outside every day and Gypsy and I (and Dude when he is here) love to go into the River and swim.  I've had my hair cut a couple of times...Carol and Bill say that it makes it easier because we live near the water.  We have geese on our river.  It is so funny, sometimes they just swim up to the shore line and watch us watching them.  I think they are kind of jealous because they can't run and play with us.

I look like both of my parents.  I have really big, round eyes and people tell me that my eyes will melt your heart. I am still a puppy at heart, but, I think that will make me a great Mom because I will love to play as much as they do.  I am really kind and gentle and I love kids!  I just love to play with everyone.  I don't like doing anything bad and once I learn that I shouldn't do something...I stop...I just love to make everyone happy!  I guess you could say I am a chip off of both blocks.

Carol and Bill tell me that I am really smart.  I guess I am.  I study things and learn very quickly!  I don't do a lot of tricks and stuff, but, I figure things out quickly and Carol says I am very intuitive.  I am not sure what that means, but I for sure know when people are happy or sad and I always try and make my people happy if they are sad!

I have a bunch of brothers and sisters and Carol and Bill stay in contact with them.  Some have come to visit me and we have such a great time when they are here.  I had 9 more brothers and sisters born on the 4th of July, 2012...They are adorable!  I am a good sister, and I always help out any way that I can. 

I guess you know that I just had a bunch of babies on April 23, 2014.  All of the babies that Rocky and I have made have been absolutely beautiful. 

I won't be having any more babies.  Carol and Bill said that I have had enough and that my job is to help out the younger ones....Indy, Sweet P and Sunny when it is there time to have pups.  I have been a great Mom and I will be a great Auntie.

Make sure if you come to visit to say hi to me.  I love everyone and will be helping out wherever I can!

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