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Liberty's Levon
My name is Levon and I was born on July 4, 2006 in Fredericksburg, VA.  Carol and Bill brought me to my new home in October. I knew I was "at home" the moment I arrived. I have always been very kind and I always want to make my people happy all the time. I love playing with all my friends and I always have a lot of company at my house. Everyone likes to pet me because my hair always stays on me and does not get on anyone else.

Carol tells me that one of the things that I "just seem to know" is when people I love are having a bad day or if they are sick or hurt.  I know that is the time when I should give extra attention, but in a quiet way.  I know that if someone is sick or hurt that I should watch over them really closely and move slowly, and every once in a while get close for a hug or a kiss.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is go for boat rides. 
I especially love to spend the night on the boat with Carol and Bill and of course, Lucy.  My favorite place to ride on the boat is the back seat where the wind blows my coat and I can see everything that is going on.

I live by the Potomac River and I get to watch Geese, Swan, Osprey and Bald Eagles every day.  After a busy day, one of my favorite things to do is lay on my bed in the family room and watch TV or listen to music with my family.  Oh, did I tell you? I was named after a song that Elton John wrote a really long time ago.

When I was about 18 mos., Carol and Bill brought home a little girl puppy to live with us.  Her name is Lucy and we have become best friends forever (BFF's).  We do everything together.  I am going to tell you a secret, Lucy runs faster than I do and she likes to run fast with our cousin, Border Collie, "Dude".  I used to get jealous, but I realized that when it is all said and done, Lucy is always going to be my girl.

Lucy and I had our last litter together July 4 2012.  Lucy has had four litters and we felt that she had enough puppies to last a life time.  Lucy is still my best friend and I will love her forever!  All of our puppies have found great homes and we get to see them when they come to visit and we get pictures all the time!  I am really happy that they have found such great families to be with.

One of these days I might decide to have a few more puppies with someone that Lucy would approve of, but if I don't I know that I have plenty of of GREAT kids that I have sent out into the world and into GREAT homes!

My name is Lucy (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds).  I was born March 28, 2008 in Bealeton, VA.  In May of that year Carol and Bill brought me home to live with them.  They had a big friend for me by the name of Levon.  He taught me so many things.  How to be a good dog, when to go out, where to go and he still protects me to this day.

I love where I live.  I get to go down to the water every day.  I have lots of friends and one of my best friends (not my best, because that is Levon) is Dude.  He is like a cousin.  We see him all the time and he sometimes spends weeks at a time with us.  We run around the yard all day long.  Crazy Dude loves to throw sticks in the creek and then go in after them. He will do that  from morning until night.

My family tells me I am the sweetest dog they have ever known. I get to go with Bill to visit special friends in hospitals, nursing homes and group homes and everybody there really loves me.  The people in charge of those places think I am great too because I always know how to behave and I never leave hair on their clothes or homes.  I know that sometimes when I visit Bill's friends, I need to move slowly and be very gentle.

I love to go on boat rides with Levon and the family.  I love to sit on the seat next to Carol.  It is really comfy and now that I am bigger, I can see through the front window the whole ride.  Another thing I found out that I really like is the snow.  I had a lot of snow to play in this year.  I love to run really fast through the snow and kick it up behind me as I run.

I am really curious and I like to investigate things.  Levon always worries about me.  If I get out of his sight for too long, he whines to my people and doesn't want to come inside without me.  I kind of like that.  I don't like being away from Levon too long either.

I had my last litter of pups July 4, 2012.  I won't be having any more babies, but I will help Izzy and Gypsy all I can.  All of my little ones have gone to their forever homes.  I get to see them when they come to visit and we get pictures all the time.  They sure are beautiful.  Carol and Bill tell me that this was my last litter of puppies.  I know that I am going to enjoy just playing with Levon and Izzy and Gypsy here by the river and will continue to enjoy being a grandmother to all of Izzy's babyies!

Just remember, there just isn't anything better than Doodle Love!
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Liberty's Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
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