Liberty's Rocket Man 

Hi, my name is Liberty's Rocket Man, but everyone calls me Rocky!  I was born on September 10, 2011 in Maryland.  When I was 8 weeks old I came to live at the most wonderful place in the world.  

I live with my guardians, Kim and Dan, at Birch Hill Farm.  Birch Hill is nestled in the "wild and wonderful" mountains of West Virginia.  

Kim and Dan moved here about 6 years ago and decided that they needed to share their "world" with all of my friends that have come to live here.  

They saw that there were donkeys and horses (big and small), dogs and cats, goats and alpacas and even pigs that needed a good home.  

Kim and Dan have told me that most of my friends here were mistreated by mean people or just got too old or sick for others to care for, so they said they could come live with them.  I hear that a really cool Llama will be coming here soon. 

Kim told me that the Llama wasn't mistreated and he isn't old, but he is coming to be a "guard Llama" to protect the alpacas.  That is his job and he is good at it, I hear.  

I would love for you to see my home, so here is a link to Birch Hill.

Anyway, I want to tell you a little bit about ME!  I love to play! I love to play more than anything!  Kim and Dan say that I am kind of silly, but I just love to make them laugh.  It makes me feel so good when they are smiling and happy and playing with me.  

I help with the chores around the farm.  Well, I start out trying to help, but most of the time I get distracted and start playing with all of my friends on the farm.  

I do love going on a good walk with Kim and Dan.  We walk in the woods and I have my other dog friends with me.  One of my best friends on the farm is Beau (a Treeing Walker Hound) and we welcome any of the other guys who want to tag along for our walks!

I play really nicely with all of the other family dogs!  I love the little ones and the big ones and I am kind and gentle!  I might bound around and get a little clumsy and comical, but I just love to romp and play.

I especially like going for a swim.  I like the creek and the river and sometimes I join my Pyrenees friend and jump in the Koi Pond.  Kim gets a little mad at us when we do that...but sometimes it is just irresistible!

My favorite things in the world are ANY toys.  I love chew toys like bones and antlers and especially stuffed toys!  I love to carry them around.  I had a really hard time a few days ago because I lost so many of my favorite toys under our recent snow and had to spend most of the next couple of days sniffing around and digging in the snow to find them all...I think I am still missing some!

I am going to be a Dad again.  Gypsy and I had  beautiful babies two times before and Kim tells me they were the best pups you have ever seen! I had beautiful babies with Izzy too. Each time Izzy has come to visit we are the best of friends...okay, maybe a little more...and we are just inseparable and I have missed her tons since she went back to her home.  Izzy and I even snuck onto Kim and Dan's bed while they were gone to town...we were very quiet, but we fell asleep and they found us there when they came home.  They were not really mad...they even took a picture...I think they thought we were cute together.

Gypsy and I got to hang out and we snuck into Kim and Dan's bed too and we had a GREAT time together too!   I was a very busy guy!  Woo Hoo!!!  

Anyway, Kim tells me that Gypsy and I are brand new parents again. I am so excited because I know that we make the most amazing babies in the world.  Izzy and Gypsy are two of the best girls I know and I am not half bad myself...haha!

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