Hi, my name is Liberty's Indian Sunset, but people just call me Indy.  Carol and Bill named me Indian Sunset because I am a beautiful red color just like an amazing sunset.  I was born in Maryland on June 6, 2013. My mommy's name is Vera and my dad is Liberty's Rocket Man or Rocky.  I get my red color from my dad.  I am told that I am a multi-generational Labradoodle...but all I know for sure is I am as happy as can be!  I love to play and run and I am friends with everyone. 

I am really lucky because I have lots of friends here on the river.  I love to play with all of them.  I don't think I have a best friend, because it seems I am best friends with everybody I see.  My favorite thing to do is to play with any toy that Carol or Bill gives me.  I carry them with me wherever I go.  I always want to take my toys outside, but for some reason, Carol and Bill always tell me I have to leave them inside.  Sometimes I am able to sneak outside with them but I forget to bring them back in with me.  Every week I see Carol or Bill go outside and search for any toy I may have left.  I am glad they find them and bring them in.  It's like getting brand new toys every week!  My favorite toys are the soft ones that squeek.  I will squeak and squeak them.  I NEVER tear them up....I try to keep them like new!

Carol tells me I am about the prettiest red labradoodle she has ever seen.  She says I have a super curly coat and I never shed (I know that is important to both Carol and Bill).  Carol and Bill also tell me that I am a good girl.  I know that I have always tried to be a good girl.  I don't think I have ever done anything bad.  Even when I wanted to chew things, like when my big teeth were coming in and my baby teeth were falling out, I never did.  I remembered what Carol told me and she always gave me yummy and fun things to chew.

When I was a little girl, I did get really excited...a lot!  I just couldn't contain myself with all the joy I felt.  I mean, I have humans that love me, dog friends to play with all day and night and a great yard by the river, how could it get any better?  I love when Dude (our cousin the border collie) comes to play with Jenna and Jay.  We have such a good time swimming in the river, fetching sticks and balls, and barking and urging Dude to do all of his tricks.  I have a great life and I like to show it! 

One of my favorite things to do is to hang out with Carol and Bill in the family room.  It is so relaxing and I have a great bed of my own near their couch.  Whenever I come over to them, I get lots of love and when I get tired, I just go and lay down on my comfy bed.  I can feel the warmth and see the light from our fireplace and I just feel good!

I love to go to Nags Head in the summer.  I am lucky that a  great friend of ours has a nice home there with a big fence.  I love to run as fast as I can in the sand.  Wow, that is so fun!  I also love to go down to the beach where we can run in the surf.  I haven't gotten the nerve to jump into the waves yet, like Gypsy, but I think next year I will.

Anyway, I really wanted to tell you that I am going to be a  Mom again.  I went to visit a boy named Barney.  He is bigger than I am...and so handsome!  We hit it off great!  He is red and white and a very nice guy and I know that our puppies are just perfect and everyone wants one.  Carol tells me that all of our babies from both my litters are living the good life and so loved by their families.

I have had babies before and all of the Aunties (Lucy, Gypsy, Sweet P and Sunny) visited us and loved on my babies but let Carol and Bill help me during the deliveries while they waited patiently outside the nursery. I know our Doctor is close and knows us all very well and made sure that all of my babies were in great health. 

The most important thing to me is that all my babies find the best forever homes possible.  I want them to be so full of joy that they can't help but show it, just like me!  Us Doodles are a happy bunch and we like to show it!  We love loving and I want families that will love and care for my little ones!  It doesn't matter if they live in a small house or a big house, on a farm or by a river, they just need lots of love and attention!

When you come by to see my pups, I will be glad to show you around the place...no charge, just some lovin'!
Liberty's Indian Sunset
Liberty's River Doodles