Welcome to Liberty's River Doodles.  We are so excited to announce that Gypsy and Rocky had their puppies on February 12th, 2017.  Gypsy and Rocky are Labradoodles and are the most popular of the "designer breeds", a perfect mix of Labrador Retriever and Poodle.  Doodle pups are described as confident, clever, loving and loveable, vivacious, loyal, affectionate, joyful, sociable, friendly, comical, intuitive, totally non-aggressive and devoted. On top of all that, most Doodles do not shed! They clearly have everything going for them!

Doodles are excellent with children, most love water. Gypsy loves the water and you can't keep her out in the summer.! Both Labradors and Poodles are descended from hunting dogs bred to work in water – the Labrador from the St. John’s Newfoundland and the Poodle from the pan-European Water Spaniel and most are natural swimmers.

I read a particularly good description on one of the Labradoodle web sites about how they ‘melt into mellowness when touched by human hand’. This is exactly what they do and is a phenomenon that you have to experience first-hand to really appreciate.

As puppies they are adaptable, remarkably unstressed and just seem to take new things in stride.

These puppies will be Multi-generational Labradoodles and we fully 

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expect all of these puppies to have wavy to curly non-shedding coats.  Before you take your pup home, he/she will have been wormed and will have had their first set of vaccinations.  These pups will be "home raised" and will be well socialized with children, adults and other dogs.  Because all of our dogs share our home, their puppies will be warmly and lovingly raised by our family.  We will also begin the job of housebreaking. If they take after their parents, they will be house broken within the first few weeks of being in their new home.  

We have been very careful to feed all our dogs only the best dog foods.  Taste Of The Wild is our food of choice for all of our dogs.  There are no preservatives or fillers and their babies will be started out on it as well.

We are accepting deposits now to hold your puppy until they are ready to go home.  We will be updating this web site weekly beginning when the babies are a few days old with pictures of the pups so that you can see the progress "your" puppy is making.  Just click on the "Puppy Picture" tab to see the pictures. There will be plenty!!  We do not allow visitors until the puppies are older than 6 weeks.  We want to make very sure they are not exposed to any viruses that a well-meaning visitor might bring.

Their home may be visited at any time after they are 6 weeks old.  You can meet Gypsy, Levon, Lucy, Indy, Sunny, Sweet P, Nikki and our newest edition, Bennie and get to know your puppy in person.  If you are unable to pick up your puppy here in Westmoreland County, VA, we will make every effort to bring them to you...within reason.

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